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in the sun

11 of the most Irish things to ever happen in the sunshine

We flourish in the sun. Once a year.

WHEN THE SUN is out, we are a country transformed.

We really show our creative side and our unique ability as a nation to adapt to any situation. And we have proof:

1. This makeshift pool made from bales of hay

bales1 imgur imgur

poolparty Imgur Imgur


2. When this shop closed for the day

deirdrecostello Deirdre Costello Deirdre Costello

3. When a barbecue was needed, somebody delivered

Tolerable weather calls for drastic BBQ actions.

4. This ad on a Dublin bus

How we feel after getting a week of sunshine in Ireland, only to be returned to our natural rainy summer Imgur Imgur

5. When even these foals took advantage

foals Twitter Twitter

You know it’s a sunny day when all the adorable animals are laying out taking it all in.

6. This commitment to customer care

7. This audacious marketing ploy

LjhlWvC Imgur Imgur

It’s true, we’ll give them that.

8. The inevitability of this… tan

sunbrun imgur imgur

9. One perfectly realistic news headline

X0U7Axk Imgur Imgur

10. That time a dog decided to close a shop so everyone could go to the beach


Beach day was bound to win.

11. And finally… when even the clouds wanted to be Irish

And moving swiftly away from the sun straight after helps.

Ireland in the sun – we love you.

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