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15 of the best Twitter reactions to the Super Blood Moon

Including the best Vine reaction you will see today.

Source: Piyanuch Chanphet

LAST NIGHT,  SKYGAZERS across the Northern Hemisphere were treated to a rare and wonderful sight: a Super Blood Moon.

Some people stayed up all night to watch it. Some people wondered at the awesome range of natural phenomena.

And some people took to Twitter and made jokes. These are our people.

1. Look, it was pretty hard to get a good shot of the Blood Moon

2. It was hard to even find it

3. Like, really hard

4. But I think we can all agree, the name is extremely compelling

5. It makes you wonder: what else is out there?

6. Could there be something… hostile?

7. Last night was a chance to witness this incredible phenomenon with our own eyes, unfiltered by lenses or technology

8. Or not

9. Like it or not though, the Blood Moon was a force to bring people together

10. Yes, in that way too

11. Naturally, some were disappointed

12. Ahem.

13. But others set to work

14. All in all, it was quite a night.

15. And finally, this is the only reaction you really need to see.

Source: lol ik/Vine

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