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It's-a really him! Mario is busking on Henry Street

Fighting bowsies all over the city.

MARIO ISN’T GETTING much plumbing work these days. To earn a bit of extra cash, he’s hitting the streets with nothing but a keyboard and some crazy 8-bit beats.

He’s playing video game theme tunes for Henry Street shoppers today, and has a big money box with a green mushroom in it.

He’s also a complete HERO.

mariobusker Lorraine Lorraine

But on further investigation, it turns out that the Mario busker is actually a big deal.

Emlyn Lewis been busking as Mario since last year and hits the streets, rain or shine

1970588_717005405010171_281789341_n SuperMarioBusker SuperMarioBusker

Sometimes he’s even joined by his brother Luigi, Mykolas Gricka

1959823_717431504967561_1841599747_n SuperMarioBusker SuperMarioBusker

Here he is in action. Music to our ears

Super Mario Busker / YouTube

They even spread the love to Portugal and shot a video showing Ireland in full Marioland glory


Super Mario Busker / YouTube

Basically man…


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