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12 deeply unfortunate supermarket fails

It’s not just you, SuperValu.

TODAY, SUPERVALU SENT  a bit of a questionable text to their customers. Damn autocorrect.

Well, they’re not the only ones to mess up.

1. This poor prize offered by Tesco Dundalk went down like a lead balloon





2. This tweet from Tesco, around the time of the horse meat scandal


3. Sainsbury’s unfortunate staff poster placement

Byt7-gMCYAA6qhs Source: mynameischrisd

4. This ill-advised placement of a giant onion in Tesco

Marina Abramovic x Tesco 2k13 Source: karlusss_

5. This attempt at Father Ted humour in Supervalu


6. This atrocious spelling at the Co-op

At least they apologised.

7. And this, which just brings a whole new flood of problems

8. This bitter substitution from Sainsbury’s delivery service

9. Tesco thinking an octopus is in any way an acceptable replacement for walnut bread

30639-1umx8id Source: John Goodger

10. This bizarre, unsolicited warning from Spar


11. Or their unfortunate hosiery spelling

1077351_10151564819472395_1876895477_o-375x500 Source: Brian Daly Facebook

12. But the one that takes the biscuit… Lidl in Sligo, what made you think this was OK?

3Dz0ocv Source: Paul O'Hara

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