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So, you can now buy Superquinn sausages in Centra

Does this mean the end of the world? Maybe.

DID YOU HEAR a strange noise recently?

Well, that was probably the sound of reality’s fabric being violently torn asunder, because you can now buy Superquinn sausages in CENTRA.

Here’s the evidence, purchased in a Drumcondra outlet earlier today:

Is your mind blown? Us too.

Source: Tumblr

What’s more, this is no one-off.

There they are, right on the Centra website, bold as brass:

Source: Centra.ie

This may all be part of a masterplan. Centra are owned by Musgraves, the parent company of SuperValu (which all Superquinn stores have now turned into).

On further investigation, it seems that this brain-melting state of affairs may have been going on under our very noses for some time.

Centra have announced it on their website, explaining:

You will have heard all about it now why not give it a try, the Superquinn award winning sausage is now available instore.

In fact, you can even buy your Superquinn sausages ready-cooked in a Centra bun.

A little Twitter searching reveals that this may have been going on since as far back as December:

We don’t know how to feel.

Pic: Superquinn sign is taken down to be replaced by SuperValu>

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