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This Swedish company is making on-the-job exercise compulsory
Every Friday, employees retailer Bjorn Borg leave their desks at the company’s Stockholm headquarters to go to the gym.
Divers find 340-year-old brie off the coast of Sweden that 'smells of life'
The cheese was discovered in a watertight pot.
Troops rescue 16-year-old Swedish girl from Islamic State
A statement from the regional government said that the girl had been “misled” by an Isis member in Sweden.
"Obviously something went wrong": pilot makes emergency landing on motorway
Passing drivers helped the pilot move the craft off the road and onto the hard shoulder.
You need to hear this Swedish city's very strange word for 'yes'
It makes no sense. You’ll love it.
Irish people are optimistic things are going to be better next year
Good luck with that.
You've been pronouncing 'Ikea' wrong your whole life*
*Well, ever since you heard about Ikea.
14 deeply unfortunate foreign words for everyday things
You’re never too old for a childish chuckle.
This recreation of Greased Lightning by some Swedish Marines is camp and fabulous
They’re not bad to look at, either.
New device claims to translate your dog's thoughts into English
6 little luxuries you don't have to feel guilty about
Life’s little luxuries – that won’t break the bank.
Swedish politician accidentally posts picture of his willy online
He was showing off his new tattoo, but showed off loads more than that.
7 reasons we want to be Swedish
If we couldn’t be Irish, we’d definitely want to be Swedish.
Male Swedish train drivers don skirts to beat the heat
Shorts are banned for train drivers – but skirts are not.
Volvo wants 'no deaths' in its new cars by 2020
Swedish carmarker Volvo is aiming for zero deaths or injuries in its cars as of 2020 due to smart functions in its vehicles.
H&M profits surge
The Swedish giant saw an 11% increase in sales.