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14 deeply unfortunate foreign words for everyday things

You’re never too old for a childish chuckle.

GETTING BACK TO reality after a glorious three-day weekend can be an absolute pain so if there’s one thing you’re probably in dire need of it’s a bit of a giggle.

Here are 14 deeply unfortunate foreign words for everyday things that will give you a gloriously juvenile laugh.

WARNING: Some may not be suitable for sensitive eyes and ears.

1. The Swedish word for Chef

Source: DailyEdge.ie

2. And resulting name for MasterChef Sweden

3. How the Danes describe stretches of road where speed will be monitored

Source: FunnyJunk.com

4. The Swedish word for exit

Source: Flickr

5. The French word for seal

Source: Flickr

6. The words Americans choose when offering someone a lift

Source: Shutterstock

7. Germany’s term for a motorway exit

Source: Language101

8. What they call whipped cream in the Netherlands

Source: Historisch Museum Deventer

9. The last stop on a Swedish train or bus line

Source: Daily Picks and Flicks

10. Which also happens to share similarities with the way in which Swedes refer to a sale

Source: Flickr

11.  The name of this old Danish chain of private centres for the hearing impaired

Source: Horecenter Otterup

12. What you’ll need to ask for when looking for a Thai pumpkin

Source: Thai Food Direct

13. The way in which Germans refer to garlic

Source: Flickr

 14. And finally, the American name for this fashion accessory

Source: Flickr

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