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Taiwanese animators let you watch Dick Cheney's heart transplant
…except the Taiwanese version also involves a Frankenstein’s Monster, a zombie rabbit, and Darth Vader. Riiiight.

THE DETAILS of Dick Cheney’s heart transplant may have been hush-hush, but we’re pretty sure none of what’s detailed in this video from Taiwan-based Next Media Animation actually happened.

The folks at the “animated news” provider have released their own take on Cheney’s secret procedure and it’s certainly… creative.

In the video, American soldiers attack a Middle Eastern man and gave his heart to Cheney.

Cheney’s old heart first goes to a sick rabbit, who immediately attacks the doctor doing the transplant. Then it’s transferred to a Frankenstein-esque monster, who rejects it because it’s “too evil.”

And then Darth Vader gets a hold of it and uses it to power the Death Star. Right.

It’s certainly worth a watch:

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