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Take the first left at Super Mario Bros Street, and right on Space Invaders...

Future residents of new Spanish development voted to name their street after a number of popular video games.

Image: clevercupcakes via Creative Commons

RESIDENTS MOVING INTO A NEW Spanish neighbourhood have voted to name their street after the popular Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros.

Antonio Almudi Miranda, president of the Arcosur neighbourhood association in Zaragoza, northest Spain, welcomed the new street name.

CNN reports that Almudi said: “We are people who grew up living with video games. We know them very well. I’m 25. I’m the same age as Mario”.

Mario fans sporting fake black moustaches cheered as Avenida de Super Mario Bros was unveiled on Saturday by a Mario impersonator:

Mario isn’t the only video game star being honoured with a street name. Other street names planned for the neighbourhood include Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders and The Legend of Zelda.

The names of musical composers and Spanish monuments will also feature on public roads in the area.

The government-sponsored Arcosur development is still under construction, but aims to supply over 60,000 people aged between 20 and 35 with their first home by June 2012.

Almuudi said he hoped publicity from the video game street names would help push the government to finish construction on time.

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