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16 problems you'll only understand if you're a tall girl

“Do you play basketball?”

1. You’re often taller than the guys

Your Debs date *may* have had to stand on a Golden Pages to get in your photo.

2. And you’ve had to put up with this sort of guff since day one

“I couldn’t go out with a girl who was taller than me.”

Don’t flatter yourself, mate. You were never in the running.

3. People are constantly at you about how you “can’t” wear heels


4. Finding jeans that don’t brush against your ankles is a neverending struggle

5. You’ve been asked countless times if you play basketball

“Yes, I play with LeBron James.”

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6. Trying to find a knee-length skirt for school was damn near impossible

“I’m not rolling it up, I swear.”

7. You really did seem to shoot up overnight

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8. So much so that some of your relative still remark on how tall you’ve gotten

“Are you getting taller?” “No, I don’t think people can still grow at 27.”

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9. You’re frankly disgusted that you *haven’t* been approached by a model scout

“I could totally be America’s Next Top Model.”

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10. You can never stretch out in the bath

11. And public transport is hard

Spare a thought for all the gals struggling with tight legroom.

12. Shaving your legs is beyond time-consuming

13. And sometimes you just cannot be arsed

Ain't no shame in my tall girl game 😂 #tallgirlproblems #ownit #leghairdontcare

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14. Your feet hanging out over the edge of the bed is just a fact of life

15. You suffer from Floating Head Syndrome in group photos


16. For all its problems, though… being tall is still pretty damn cool

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