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Two teenage girls have made a video game in which you throw tampons at your enemies

You also collect boxes of tampons.

ANDREA GONZALES AND Sophie Houser are high school students in New York. This summer, they met at Girls Who Code, a non-profit organisation which aims to close the gender gap in tech.

As part of their final project, the girls collaborated on a game called Tampon Run. The gist? You throw tampons at your enemies and collect more boxes of tampons on the way, which you can presumably use to throw at your enemies. It’s a win-win situation.

The rationale behind the game? They want to help normalise discussion on menstruation.

tamponrun1 Source: Tampon Run

tamponrun2 Source: Tampon Run

tamponrun3 Source: Tampon Run

tamponrun4 Source: Tampon Run

And this is what the game looks like this.

tamponrun5 Source: Tampon Run

You can play Tampon Run for yourself here. As the girls say themselves, you’ll never be the same.

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