Taylor Swift didn't hold back when it came to slagging Ed Sheeran's height

Don’t hold back there, Taylor.

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran go waaaaay back.

Source: Instagram

Friends since 2012, the pair have toured, recorded and performed together.

And like most close friendships, theirs is built on a foundation of good-natured banter where the other’s physical attributes (or lack thereof) are regularly called into question.

You know, just sound, like.

Indeed, while hanging out behind the scenes of Taylor’s new video ‘End Game’ recently, Taylor decided to call Ed out for purposely elevating himself above her.

I just want to start by saying that this is what he does. He tries to elevate himself, just like, geographically, so he can seem better than me.
Like, experts will study this and say that you’re like, what are you doing, like peacocking right now?

Hitting back at the ‘Shake It Off’ singer, Ed insisted that he feels the need to do it because Taylor only wears heels.

And he got so owned.

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