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Taylor Swift got a Tumblr and it's a little...basic

We need to talk, Taylor.

FOUR DAYS AGO, Taylor Swift decided it was time that she get acquainted with Tumblr.

(The fact that she as an album coming out shortly probably has nothing to do with it.)

This was her first post as herself.

taylorswift3 Source: Taylor Swift/Tumblr

Since that initial post, Taylor Swift has somewhat ingratiated herself into the Tumblr community and uploaded more and more content.

She’s retweeted GIFs, posted Lena Dunham quotes and shared cat selfies.

But she’s also exhibited some worrying behaviour – behaviour that one might describe as basic. (Unfamiliar with the concept of basic? We like Urban Dictionary’s definition: “just an extra regular female”.)

How? Let’s take a look.

1. She posted a loving ode to autumn.

taylorswift5 Source: Taylor Swift/Tumblr

I mean, we don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiments, but it really only serves to drive home this point.

Don’t be a pumpkin spice latte, Taylor.

2. She literally posted an ~inspiring quote~ and wished she was born in different decade in the one post.

taylorswift6 Source: Taylor Swift/Tumblr

Taylor, you’re better than this.

3. She stated that she wanted to live in this photo containing only paintings of pink flowers.

taylorswift7 Source: Taylor Swift/Tumblr

Okay, Taylor. You go live there.


4. She reblogged GIFs of herself.

taylorswift Source: Taylor swift/Tumblr

Somehow far worse than retweeting compliments.

5. She retweeted a series of GIFs that highlight how humble and good-looking she is.

taylorswift2 Source: Taylor Swift/Tumblr


6. Finally, she wrote this post intending to be self-effacing, but actually it was just embarrassing.

taylorswift8 Source: Taylor Swift/Tumblr

She went there.

She said ‘bae’.

giphy (6) Source: reactiongifs/Tumblr

We’re done here.

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