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11 accessories all tea obsessives need in their lives


TEA, GLORIOUS TEA. Is anything so comforting?

Tea heals all, so make the best tea ever with these perfect accessories.

1. A mug to help you make your perfect tea, every time

sk.mycuppatea.front Source: Designist

2. This Newton milk and sugar set

OOOOH, balance.

Tonfisk_NEWTON_milk_sugar_white_TNW010_1024x1024 Source: Designist

3. This mug with a special area reserved for the essential biscuits

Just IMAGINE the melted chocolate. Hope a penguin fits in there.

The-Biscuit-Pocket-Cup-Concept-1 Source: Bitrebels

4. Scuba diver strainer

A deep tea diver, of course.

Deep-Tea-Diver-Infuser Source: Geekalerts

5. Sugar lace doilies

Oooh, fancy

il_570xN.554895275_mqz8 Source: Etsy

6. Heart shaped tea bags

il_570xN.720555105_ewnx Source: Etsy

7. The plug mug

Sick of people stealing the best mug? Get the plug mug, and keep the plug at your desk.

41FTszlqB3L Source: Amazon

8. This classic

il_570xN.713943052_tpnr Source: Etsy

9. This way to wear your love of tea

il_570xN.650974966_8pz7 Source: Etsy

10. Heart shaped mugs

mug06 Source: Toxel

11. This poster to live by

il_570xN.653184921_1xe2 Source: Etsy

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