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QUIZ: Can you identify these teen movies from the clues?

Whose pants are they? Who wore that hat? Are those my feet?

1. Which eighties teen star’s style inspired these runners?

Here’s the answer>

2. Which teen movie does this quote come from?

Get it right?

3. Which film features the character Glen Coco?

Which one was it?

4. Which film did these feet appear in?

Name those feet>

5. In which film did this hat appear?

Can you place the hat?

6. Which teen movie sees the main character chatting on one of these?

Name that movie>

7. These pants feature in which film?

Identify those pants>

8. In which teen movie did a character  have a penis drawn on his face?

The penis appears in…>

9. What about these pants? What film are they from?

I know those pants!>

10. What film is this?

Can you place that boom box?

Bonus point! What song is playing on the stereo? Have a listen here>

Quiz: Are you a closet hipster>

It’s a bumper DailyEdge.ie secondary school test!

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