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7 reasons why it is utterly unacceptable to tell a random stranger to smile

“Smile, love. It might not happen.” Eh, I’m grand?

AT SOME POINT, you’ve probably been told by a random stranger on the street to “Smile!”

Here’s why that is completely unacceptable behaviour.

First of all, you don’t know my life.

dont-know-me Source: whithappens6

So what makes you think you have the right to tell us to “smile”?

For all you know, we’ve just realised that we’re wearing fally-downy knickers and are feeling pretty glum about it. Or perhaps there’s something far more serious going on.

Either way, you haven’t a clue.

“Smile, love. It might not happen.” Er, have you ever considered that maybe that’s just our face?

Have you ever thought that maybe we’re neither happy nor sad, but are in fact just deep in thought about something important  – like what happens if Beyoncé gets the hiccups while performing on stage? — and are sporting our neutral face.

Don’t presume to know that we need cheering up.

Seriously, what’s it to you if we’re not smiling?

giphy (15) Source: Reddit

Is your day really shaped by whether or not random strangers on the street are smiling as they go about their business? Does it actually make any difference to you? Or are you just looking for an excuse to say something to us?

Either way, your input is not welcomed.

Like, we’re not going to start smiling just to make you feel better as you go about your day

What do you think we are?

Besides, who walks around the place smiling to themselves 24/7?

giphy (14) Source: bsbrasil/Giphy

That’s not a thing.

And correct us if we’re wrong, but if one was to start walking around the place by themselves with a smile plastered on their face, people would probably start getting concerned/run a mile from you.

Do we run around making unsolicited remarks about your face?

giphy (16) Source: VH1/Tumblr

“Have kinder eyes!” “Look more like a cute ol’ Dad!” “Look less intense!”

Do you want us to start saying this to you? Because we can.

In short, mind your own beeswax.

giphy (13) Source: comedicmemoir/Tumblr

We’ll smile if we feel like smiling and if we don’t, we won’t.

And that’s that.

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