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Temporary tattoos are officially back and they’re not just for kids

When did they become cool for anyone over the age of 10? Now, it seems.

cara Source: PA

NEARLY EVERYONE ASSOCIATES the humble temporary tattoo with childhood craic.

Well, now it would appear there is a growing army of adults out there who love temporary tattoos so much they don’t want to stop.

This New York Times article last week profiled some of these passionate supporters

tempcover Source: New York Times

Apparently they are the coolest trend in body art:

In recent years, the no-commitment-required ink has gone from staple of children’s birthday parties to of-the-moment accessory for all ages, applied at events organized by Vogue and Christian Louboutin and worn by celebrities like Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Who knew?

Not only that, but Beyonce has even launched her very own temporary tattoo design this week:

beyoncetats Source: Time

And here she is showing them off:

beytatt Source: Instagram

According to Mashable, there are now temporary tattoos that don’t look fake and last up to two weeks.

The key to the surge in popularity appears to be down to the fact that people want the look of a tattoo without the possibility of crippling embarrassment down the line, as the founders of the two week tattoos outlined:

We love tattoos, but we’re the indecisive, noncommittal types when it comes to permanent body art — we weren’t ready to take the plunge.

And people have started noticing the return to form of a childhood favourite

Spotting them around the place more and more

And thinking they actually look pretty cool

So now.

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