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13 horrifying things that were true ten years ago

What a difference a year makes.


Ten years. TEN years, since these were true.

1. The last ever Harry Potter book was about to be released

Harry, Ron and Hermione waved goodbye to Hogwarts, and simultaneously, our childhoods.

Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

2. The iPhone didn’t exist yet

Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone to the public on 9 January 2007, so ten years ago we were still in the dark.

How did people live beforehand?

Without lightning bolt chargers and no missing headphone jacks – probably just fine TBH.

iPhone-Mobile Music Source: AP/Press Association Images

3. People were queuing up to buy the Nintendo Wii

That white box in the corner that you have no idea how to work? Yeah, people went CRAZY for that in ’07.

Source: AP/Press Association Images

4. Windows Vista was a thing

Honestly, the most problematic operating system since the robots that started trying to kill everyone in I, Robot.

GADGET SHOW MICROSOFT Source: AP/Press Association Images

5. Speaking of which, The Sopranos was preparing for its FINAL SERIES

SAG Awards Backstage Source: AP/Press Association Images

Was Tony murdered? Will we ever know?

Also, let us never forget Bill and Hillary’s Clinton’s re-enactment ahead of the 2008 election.

Source: Patrick Ruffini/YouTube

6. The Dixie Chicks were flat out winning Grammys

Admittedly, this is a tune.

Source: dixiechicksVEVO/YouTube

7. Keith Richards admitted to sniffing his dad’s ashes

Yeah, we might just leave this one where it belongs – FIRMLY in the past.

Source: sobachemyaso/YouTube

8. Britney Spears was in-and-out of rehab, and gave that infamous performance of Gimme More at the VMAs

Source: Graymonsuta/YouTube

She had a rocky couple of years, but she (thankfully) bounced back better than ever. Go Brit!

9. Jerry Seinfeld was gearing up to release Bee Movie

We are so OLD. *sobs*

Source: AP/Press Association Images

10. Fianna Fáil and the Green Party were in coalition

Bertie Ahern was still Taoiseach.

11. Miley Cyrus was still technically Hannah Montana

What? They’re the same person? But their hair colouring is completely different?

In 2007, Hannah Montana introduced the world to Miley Cyrus with the release of the Hannah Montana 2 album.

Source: HannahMontanaVEVO/YouTube

12. ALL of the Spice Girls were back together and touring

Yes, even Victoria.

Source: PA Archive/PA Images

13. Leonardo di Caprio hadn’t won an Oscar, and was still a decade away from it

The Departed won the Academy Award for Best Picture, but Leo was gonna have to wait 10 years before he got to hold one himself.

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