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Look at all the post terminally ill Danny Nickerson got for his birthday

Internet, you’ve done it again.

REMEMBER DANNY NICKERSON, the terminally ill boy who just wanted some greeting cards for his birthday?

Last week the 5-year old boy from Massachusetts became a viral sensation when people all over the world decided to make his 6th birthday his happiest ever by sending him greeting cards.

Since he’s too sick to go to school, Danny gets lonely sometimes. One thing that always cheers him up however is receiving letters, so his mother sent out a request via social media for people to send cards for his upcoming birthday.

Around ten days ago, Danny had received 40 letters. As of today, his local post office has received 8,500 cards and 900 packages addressed to him, enough to fill one u-haul van and another 3 cars. Here is collecting (and climbing on) his giant pile of post:

Source: The Sun Chronicle/YouTube

It’s not just letters and packages however. He also got this from Justin Bieber via Instagram:

Source: justinbieber

And got some video messages from teary-eyed pro wrestlers:

Source: Richie Melby/YouTube

His local football team the New England Patriots also threw him a party and sang happy birthday to him.

Danny’s mother has been keeping all of his well wishers updated on the events of the last few weeks on the Danny’s Warriors Facebook page.

Well done, Internet!

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