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This is officially the most Christmassy job ever

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LOVE CHRISTMAS? ON the hunt for a temporary gig this year?

Look no further/

A UK branch of Tesco is hiring a Christmas Light Untangler this Christmas to help customers with untangling their lights.

This November, Tesco is launching the UK s first Christmas light untangling service in one of our Wrexham stores and is looking for an enthusiastic individual to fulfil the role of a Tesco Christmas Light Untangler to help customers prepare for the festive season.

Er, genius.

Responsibilities include managing the Christmas Lights Untangling stand, untangling Christmas lights in a neat and orderly fashion, and checking lights for broken bulbs.

So what qualities does the Christmas Light Untangler need to possess?

  • Be passionate about Christmas. Okay, fair enough.
  • Be able to untangle 3 metres of Christmas lights in under three minutes. Oh my God, that’s Olympic speed.
  • Have the energy and drive to do your best and exceed expectations. Are you saying the Christmas Light Untangler should be aiming to untangle lights in 2:30?
  • Be friendly, enthusiastic and approachable. Have a face that says “I love untangling Christmas lights and you don’t need to scared of me”.
  • Have strong communications skills. “I am currently untangling your Christmas lights.”
  • Be persistent and patient. *chases customer* PLEASE LET ME UNTANGLE YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.

We think we know the man for the job…

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