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Guy trolls Tesco with claims that their pet shampoo turned his dog pink, Tesco respond

When will they learn?

TWO DAYS AGO, a Twitter user named Adam posted the following photo of dog shampoo purchased in Tesco alongside of a rose-tinted dog.

He asked, “Yes why on earth has your shampoo turned my dog pink?”

The complaint has since garnered almost 38,000 retweets.

Now this is blatantly a prank, but unfortunately Tesco didn’t cop that and replied with an earnest offer to help.

Since then, Tesco have confirmed that they know it’s a prank and responded with this good-natured statement.

This is certainly a hair-raising hoax. Tesco pet care sensitive dog shampoo is a great product and we can guarantee it’ll leave your pooch looking pretty but definitely not in pink.

Fool me once, etc.

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