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10 texts all long-term Irish couples have sent to each other

If you’re looking for romance, you’ve come to the wrong place.
Feb 1st 2016, 9:30 PM 17,613 4

1 Source: Kovla

ANYONE WITH A long term partner knows that as your relationship grows and changes, so do your text messages to each other.

Endless heart emojis are replaced by endless requests for extra bog roll. It’s the way of life. And it’s kinda beautiful.

1. The Milk Text

relationshiptext Source:

2. And the reminder text for the Milk Text

relationshiptext2 Source:

3. The ‘I’m In Your Food Press’ text

relationshiptext3 Source:

4. The ’I Asked So You Can’t Be Mad’ text

relationshiptext4 Source:

5. The ‘Awkward Request’ text

relationshiptext5 Source:

6. The ‘Couple’s Night In’ text

relationshiptexts9 Source:

7. The ‘One Of Us Is Drunk’ text

relationshiptexts10 Source:


relationshiptext6 Source:

9. The ‘Our Friends Can Never Know We Do This’ text

relationshiptexts8 Source:

10. And the ‘Rare Romantic Declaration of Love’ text

relationshiptexts7 Source:

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