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15 of your best Halloween costumes

Your efforts know no bounds this year.

WE ASKED YOU to send us your best costumes, and you delivered.

Here are a few of our favourites.

1. Kenny Martin looking well as the Joker

costume1 Source: Kenny Martin

2. Brian McDonald please don’t take this the wrong way but you’re TERRIFYING

costume2 Source: Brian McDonald

3. Fionnuala Irwin as a hero in a half-shell

costume3 Source: Fionnuala Irwin

4. Ms. Doyle with the hairy baby maker and co, as represented by Aidan and mates

costume4 Source: Aidan

5. Halloween is the one night Hanne Grainger can be a total cow and no one can say anything

costume5 Source: Hanne Grainger

6. Check out Vivek Ramgopal’s super family costume

costume6 Source: Vivek Ramgopal

7. N’daaww! Matt Steerman’s adorable girls dressed as a minion and Gru

costumeaw Source: Matt Steerman

8. Aidan Coffey and the lads as some primary school nostalgia

costume7 Source: Aidan Coffey

9. Dylan Troy as everyone’s favourite neighbour, Wilson from Home Improvement

costume8 Source: Dylan Troy


wilsonhi Source: Fanpop

10. GAH. Katie Fanneran’s got a zombie baby

costume9 Source: Katie Fanneran

11. Little Red Riding Hood, a mime and a 20′s flapper

costume10 Source: Celtic Queen

12. Adam’s son as the cutest lobster we’ve ever seen

costume11 Source: Adam Prince Billy

13. Mary-Jane Lawrence’s family of zombies

halloween14 Source: Mary-Jane Lawrence

14. Edel Charles as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas with a zombie bride

costume Source: Edel Charles

15. Maria Pharrell as Lady two-face

halloween15 Source: Maria Pharrell

Think you’ve done better? Send your costumes to tips@dailyedge.ie.

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