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good giraffe

The best way to do good deeds? While dressed as a giraffe.

Simple. Beautiful.

IF THERE’S A better way to do good deeds than to do good deeds while dressed as a giraffe – well, quite frankly, we don’t want to know about it.

Dundee man Armstrong Baillie, who has been performing random acts of kindness, dressed in a giraffe suit, for the past six-months. Dubbed ‘the Good Giraffe’, the 32-year-old walks dogs, hands bananas to runners and cleans up beaches, The Courier reports.

When asked… why? He said: “I was on the loo and I wondered ‘what would happen if I dressed up as a giraffe and went around doing good deeds?”

“I feel good when I do it. When I carry out these acts it seems to have a knock-on effect and people seem to have a positive response. That’s my whole thing — what comes around goes around.”

We doff our hats to you, sir.

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