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The 'Clap-Off Bra' is now a reality

Undressing will never be the same.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, the clap-off bra is now a real thing that exists in the world.

For men: no more awkwardly fumbling with one hand while the other one is painfully trapped underneath you/a pillow/you don’t even know what.

For women: just a much, much more fun undressing experience. Hell, you don’t even need anyone else there.

Behold its operation: (Video is mildly NSFW, but no nipples)


OK, let’s address the obvious downside of this: you’re walking down the street, a car backfires, your bra falls off and is suddenly trailing out of your sleeve.

Should you wish to create this frankly risky item of lingerie, there are full instructions here.

h/t Laughing Squid

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