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Here's what the people behind The Dress had to say on the Ellen Show

Let this be the end of it.

THE DRESS ROCKED the internet on Friday, and we’re not done with it quite yet. It was inevitable that those responsible would end up in LA.

Ellen, always one to pick up on the latest viral phenomenons, had the people who started it all on her sofa–all the way from Scotland.

So how did it all begin? Grace PacPhee’s mum sent her photos of three dresses she was picking to wear at her wedding, and thus started the head-wrecking debate of what colour THE DRESS actually was. Her friend Caitlin McNeill then put the photo on Tumblr and it went insanely viral.

Grace’s mum Cecilia actually wore it on the show, so let there be NO MISTAKING that it’s blue and black.

Source: TheEllenShow/YouTube

Well, that’s settled then.

They even got The Dress-themed Ellen underwear.


Living the dream guys.

People are now trashing The (black and blue) Dress in hilarious Amazon reviews>

The colour of this dress is driving the internet absolutely insane>

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