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Nobody is sure what colour this photo is... It's the dress all over again

A poll is the only way to decide this.
Jul 6th 2017, 11:24 AM 20,195 13

The_Dress_(viral_phenomenon) Source: Wikipedia

IT HAS ALREADY been over two years since The Dress. In the years since, The Dress has managed to get it’s own Wikipedia page that is longer than the Wikipedia pages of the majority of Irish public figures.

When we first saw The Dress in February 2015, most of us just accepted it as witchcraft and it fizzled out of relevance before any scientists came up with real answers to explain why we were all so scared of what a dress was doing to our brains.

Neuroscientists came up with a couple of theories about how our brains perceive colour and it was a very freaky reminder that colour is so much more complicated than anyone will ever understand. It’s so abstract that frankly, nobody wants to know how the hell this stuff works.

We just want to enjoy the weird magic of arguing with people about what colour a photograph is supposed to be.

So here’s the latest photo. Some people are seeing grey and teal, but others are seeing pink and white.

PastedImage-31674 Source: BiNorth/Facebook

The photo was originally posted by BiNorth, a company who are selling the set of clothes. They had to clarify that the outfit is actually teal and grey rather than pink and white to save customers from confusion.

So what do you see?

Poll Results:

Teal and grey (4946)
Pink and white (280)


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