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The female orgasm - on video
This safe-for-work video looks at the science behind the orgasm – captured during a number of brain scans.

SCIENTISTS HAVE CAPTURED the female orgasm on video – but not from the angle you might expect.

Instead, reports The Guardian, brain scans show the activity within the brain as the woman experiences orgasm.

Professor Barry Komisaruk, a Rutgers University psychologist, is studying the subject in order to discover why some people cannot climax, and so takes brain scans of volunteers having self-stimulated orgasms.

In a video, which you can watch here, you can see the activity progress and the brain light up as different parts of the organ are used during the process.

According to, “an orgasm leads to the entire brain illuminating yellow, indicating that most brain systems become active at orgasm”.

At the peak of activity, the hypothalmus releases oxytocin, causing the uterus to contract and giving pleasurable sensations to the woman.

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