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The film role your man could smell like

The Old Spice guy lands a role in Jennifer Aniston’s new film.

Hello, ladies.
Image: Jeff Christensen/AP via PA

HELLO LADIES. Look at your man. Now back to him. Now back at your man – now back to him. Sadly, he isn’t him.

The guy behind that line – Isaiah Mustafa, star of the now-legendary Old Spice ads, has capitalised on the viral success of his fragrant appearances by scoring a role in Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, Horrible Bosses.

Former American football wide receiver Mustafa admitted to the Hollywood Reporter is a small role, but that he accepted his role as a policeman because he plays “authoritative characters well”.

Not only that, but Mustafa has also landed a guest spot on NBC’s action-comedy series Chuck, as part of an agreement with NBC that could potentially see him eventually appear on Saturday Night Live.

Unfortunately, although he remains contracted to Old Spice for a few more months, there’s no plans to make any more commercials.

Instead, we’ll sadly have to make do with the two gems he left us, along with the incredible catalogue of improvised YouTube videos Mustafa recorded earlier this month.

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