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Niall Horan's one-year-old nephew now has his very own magazine

Yep, you can even write for it.

ONE DIRECTION’S Niall Horan recently came under fire from his older brother Greg for not visiting his Godson (Greg’s son) Theo, enough.

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Well, Greg later claimed he was hacked when the tweets were sent, so we’ll leave that one up to you.


However, when it comes to fame, Theo is not that far behind his uncle. His parents Greg and Denise recently produced a commemorative coin for the toddler’s birthday–even hand delivering to some lucky customers.

BxH3carCYAAfckm Source: TheoHOfficial_

But, if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your Horan-love, there’s now a magazine called The Lids, from ‘The Horan’s of Mullingar’.

thelid2 Source: Theohofficial

From Theo’s official website:

So many fans sent emails asking us to bring out a monthly magazine. We are going to bring out a Special Edition Magazine for Christmas. Next year we will start a monthly magazine. You will be able to order online and it will be delivered world wide.

Fans are being encouraged to send in content, which will appear alongside exclusive reports from Niall’s personal life, like his 21st birthday.

B03o8WoCcAEidiM Source: TheoHOfficial_

Hey, if you provide content, it MIGHT just be seen by Niall himself.

You know who will be reading this magazine every month. This is the opportunity for members of boy bands to be looking and reading what you have done. This is how you could become famous.

Other content will include childhood stories from Greg and make-up tips from Denise. Like the coins, they’ll deliver a few by hand.

Tweet by @Theo Horan Source: Theo Horan/Twitter

* Pre-orders*

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