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Trinity College pops up in a story about boobs on

Warning: mentions ‘the girls’, ‘motorboating” and a ‘sweet ass’.

AH TRINITY COLLEGE Dublin, renowned around the world for its history, educational heritage, beautiful grounds… and, er, boobs.

A picture of the jewel in Dublin’s crown has been used to accompany a story on the news satire website entitled ‘Woman Flattered Complete Stranger Would Say Something Nice About Her Tits’.

The story is actually set in New York, and tells the tale of a woman who’s genuinely pleased when a stranger compliments her on her breasts (“that rack”) and buttocks (“sweet ass”).

It’s really nice to know there are people out there kind and thoughtful enough to tell me they want to motorboat my huge tits. It made my whole day.

A stock image of a lovely girl (and her girls) posing in front of the Campanile at Trinity College Dublin illustrates the piece… perhaps an homage to Irish girls’ love for being being trailed by men praising their physical assets?

Yes, that’s probably it.

Sure girls all over the world love that carry on.

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