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18 times The Thick of It played out for real in Irish politics

WHAT A WEEK it’s been in Irish politics – with Enda finally stepping down as leader of Fine Gael and the jostling for Taoiseach beginning.

Sometimes, it feels like scenes are being scripted for use in an Irish version of The Thick Of It:

1. As was the case this week when Enda announced this apt report when everyone was expecting his departure

2. Earlier this year we were reminded of Terri’s quote: “I hope you’re not just going to toss off some policy on the hoof”



3. You could imagine Malcolm Tucker’s reaction to seeing Enda pitch up to an event in these runners

4. “Have you seen the papers today?”

Angela Heaney is getting a phonecall.

5. Remember Labour’s ad that got the number of One Direction members wrong


Ah here:


6. This is the kind of line you could picture Hugh and Glenn thinking was gas

7. Who could forget Michelle Mulherin’s call for a “Skype facility” to be installed in the Dáil


“That’ll be the internet then”:

lonely Persephonemagazine Persephonemagazine

8. When a Tory councillor lost his job because of a racist Irish tweet during the… Eurovision

tweet Screenshot Screenshot

What a way to go.

9. “Why the f**k would you send this tweet?”

And a meme was born.

10. This is how a new TD would introduce themselves to the country if Armando Iannucci was the puppet master of the Dáil

thegigglesite / YouTube


11. When Brian Cowen appeared on late night US telly... for all the wrong reasons

IrishPolitics / YouTube

12. "Shite, someone's vandalised our posters out in Galway"

13. "Look get out there and neutralise this story. I want you smiling beside the poster pretending you're in on the joke"

derekbowie Facebook Facebook

14. Hugh Abbot explaining new slang would go something like this

OireachtasRetortTV / YouTube

15. Malcom: "Let's spin this and say you were using the French pronunciation. It doesn't matter if they don't believe you, just say it"

Newsworthy. ie / YouTube

16. Micheál Martin went half Thick Of It/half Father Ted when he temporarily wandered through the lingerie section in M&S last year

lingeriedept Paschal Sheehy Twitter Paschal Sheehy Twitter

17. "Who let Alan Shatter tweet out poems ffs?"

18. And, of course, when the best campaigning product ever produced was unveiled last year by Simon Harris


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