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The X Factor fix rumours? Are we over it yet?

“I hope you have all calmed down now.”

Image: Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images

GARY BARLOW HAD a real bout of the Monday blues yesterday, taking to Twitter to bemoan his lack of motivation after the antics of Sunday night’s X Factor elimination show.

In case you didn’t get a whiff of the outrage, the Take That star walked off set during the live broadcast because Louis Walsh voted to keep controversial non-singer Rylan in the singing contest.

But the rest of us are moving on, it seems (and forgetting the first contestant’s name already…Caroline? Carolyne? Carolynne?)

Ne-yo, the man partially responsible for Rylan’s presence on our television sets from now until Christmas specials of one-hit-wonders end, has admitted that “everyone, including Rylan, knows that Rylan isn’t the greatest singer”.

“Not all music is about how well someone sings,” he added in a radio interview. “Not all music is about how in-depth and meaningful it is.”

Summing up today’s mood nicely was the Louis Walsh parody account, @walshlife (kudos for that handle).

Meanwhile, there is just four days until the next instalment so viewers are trying to decide on their favourites, based on the degrees of separation from R-Patz and the Biebz. Obviously.

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