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This week's episode of The Young Offenders was another hilarious tearjerker

A few tears and a lot of laughs.

SINCE THE BEGINNING of 2018, many Irish people have grown extremely fond of Thursday evenings. All thanks to Derry Girls and The Young Offenders.

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It really feels like we’ll just never get enough of either of these brilliant TV shows.

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As always, last night’s episode was a perfect mix of sweet, heartfelt and hilarious.

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The boys headed out on a road trip to Skibbereen with Conor’s mam to replace the €18 fridge that Conor’s father bought before he died. Wanting to continue Conor’s fathers tradition, they were on the hunt for another cheap auld fridge.

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As with last week’s episode, we got to see Jock’s more vulnerable side.

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When they arrived to buy the fridge, it was none other than the farmer from The Young Offenders movie who was selling it.

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And this guy was just as strange as he was on the movie. He had a vendetta against a duck on his property and was gearing up to beat it to death with a hammer as soon as his fridge was sold.

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Conor’s mam bartered with the farmer, and unfortunately couldn’t him to lower the price from €20 to €18, so Conor’s father’s tradition was broken. But a new tradition, involving Jock, began.

Before they left, Conor and Jock asked the farmer if they could kill the duck for him.

Can we do it? C’mon we’re from the city. We never get to kill anything.

They even made a video of themselves killing the duck, so that they could show the farmer once they were done.

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This is the type of stuff that would result in hundreds and hundreds of complaints to the BAI. However, it was all a show, so that the lads could save the innocent duck from being murdered by the farmer.

In reality, the lads cut their own hands and covered the hammer in blood to make the entire thing more convincing. Then they smuggled the duck off of the farm in their new fridge.

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Conor’s mam was absolutely furious about what the boys had done behind her back.

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Conor’s mam had a go at Jock in the car on the way back to his house, warning him that it would be best if he stayed away from Conor for a while. Before Jock got out of the car, she told him:

You’re like a boomerang with shit on it. I don’t like you Jock. Conor has so little confidence he’d latch onto anyone, and you’re taking advantage of that.
You’re nothing but a little scumbag.

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He was fairly upset, and the situation he had to go home to was no better. Conor’s mam could hear Jock’s father beating him up when he got in and despite the fact that she had just berated him, she couldn’t drive off and leave him like that.

She ran in the door and dragged Jock’s father off of him.

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She then told Jock to pack up his things and come home with her. The ending that Jock deserves. Once again, this TV show struck the perfect balance between being hilarious and being heartbreaking.

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We can only imagine the antics that they’ll get up to next week in their new living arrangement.

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