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Jennifer Lawrence called Lala Kent ‘a c*nt’ and it’s not going down well

So, for those of you who don’t know, Jennifer Lawrence is a reality TV fiend.

From Keeping Up With the Kardashians to Real Housewives of New York, there are few shows (and their characters) that this Oscar-winner doesn’t have an opinion on.

Take Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules, for example.

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When Jennifer was asked her opinion of Lala on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last week, the Red Sparrow star replied: “I’m like, ‘Bitch, you’s a c–t!”

Naturally enough, that remark didn’t go down too well with Lala who took to Twitter to slam Jennifer.

Did Jennifer Lawrence really call me a ‘c–t’? Annnnnd talk about my mama? Bitch, you better pray I don’t see you in the streets. You’re one of the highest paid actresses on the planet…you claim you are pro-women and you call another woman a c–t? You’re gross.

Lala has since deleted her tweets on the advice of her manager, but told SiriusXM she was genuinely taken aback by the Jen’s cutting remarks.

The thing is, no one wants to be called the c-word, especially by an A-list celebrity on national television. I was such a huge fan of hers, and it bummed me out.

We mean, no one can argue with that.

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Prince Charles ripped it out of Cheryl for her multiple name changes

During an event in honour of the Prince’s Trust this week, Prince Charles took it upon himself to question Cheryl’s multiple name changes in recent years.

The former Girls Aloud singer has always been vocal in her support of the Trust – something which the Prince acknowledged at the event before making a ham-fisted joke at the singer’s expense.

I thought to myself some time ago ‘who’s Cheryl Tweedy?’ I suddenly realised I knew the Cheryl bit but missed out on the Tweedy.

Cheryl, who has gone by Cheryl Tweedy, Cheryl Cole and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini over the course of her career, now just goes by Cheryl.

Just handier, you know?

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Mel C confirms that the Spice Girls reunion is just a pipe dream

There have been whisperings in recent weeks that a Spice Girls reunion is in the works, but it looks like Mel C has officially put the brakes on it.

Or, should we say, Victoria seemingly has.

While attending the Prince’s Trust event this week, Mel revealed that while some members are all for the reunion, the same can’t be said for mum-of-four, Victoria.

Victoria has been quite vocal, it’s really not something she wants to do at this time. I think it has to be all five, so it’s tricky.

And just in case anyone was holding out any hope, Mel concluded by saying: “Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be seeing the Spice Girls on stage this year.”

Alright Mel, we get it.

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