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12 emotions all clueless Grand National spectators can relate to
Is THAT my horse?


1. Getting a horse in a draw at work that hasn’t a hope in hell of winning

giphy (16) petitpocket / Tumblr petitpocket / Tumblr / Tumblr

2. Before frantically looking for “tips” because you haven’t a bull’s notion about horse racing



3. And when that fails, scouring the line-up for a name you like

godsmejudge Grand National Grand National

“Whatyoumaycallit – that’s a funny name for a horse! I’ll bet all my money on him!”

4. Walking into the bookies and making the stingiest bet ever

giphy (8) Giphy Giphy

“€2 each way, please.”

5. Gathering with your loved ones to watch the race and feeling stupidly confident

giphy (9) Reddit Reddit

6. As you attempt to calculate your potential winnings

giphy (10) whatshouldbetchscallme / Tumblr whatshouldbetchscallme / Tumblr / Tumblr

I could win €187!

I think.

Actually, I don’t understand this.

7. Trying and failing to identify your horse

grandn Racing UK / YouTube Racing UK / YouTube / YouTube

8. Before hearing the commentator announce that he’s “trailing behind the pack”

giphy (11) gifbay gifbay

9. But maybe he can still place!

giphy (12) Giphy Giphy

10. Aaaaand he’s fallen

giphy (13) Reaction GIFs Reaction GIFs

11. You start muttering, “Betting is a mug’s game” and walk away before it even ends

giphy (15) gifs-for-the-masses / Tumblr gifs-for-the-masses / Tumblr / Tumblr

With just a mild trace of bitterness in your voice.

12. Before logging on to Facebook and seeing some smug so-and-so brag about winning €250

giphy (14) Reddit Reddit

Happy Grand National, everyone!

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