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10 things that'll make all makeup lovers twitch

Boots on a Saturday. WHY’D YOU DO IT.

LOVING MAKEUP IS a full time job.

Signing up means a lifetime of coveting what you don’t have, mourning lost loves, and battling through busy branches of Boots on Saturdays.

Here are ten things that’ll always wind a makeup lover up.

1. Knowing a Boots 3 for 2 deal is on, somewhere

And you’re supposed to be saving.

2. The words ‘duty free’

File photo: disruptios to flighs as storm Rachel hits Dublin. Source: Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ie

“Oh, are you going on holiday? Would you mind me giving you some money to get me just 11 things in the duty free?”

3. Magazines cutting up lipsticks and breaking powders for beauty shoots

redalert6 Source: Bridalguide

CLeqj59WsAEg4K8 Source: Twitter/@BrownThomas

*choking noise*

4. The fact that these still come with some eyeshadow palettes

PG-1989_1z Source: Soap

Why? Nobody loves you!

5. The Mac counter in Brown Thomas on a Saturday

The Brown Thomas Shop - Dublin Source: PA ARCHIVE IMAGES

Just breathe. And breathe again. And don’t even try to get near the lipstick stand.

6. This

I hate it when this happens Source: Instagram/coraimag


7. This

I hate this!! #mascaranose #girlprobs Source: Instagram/misscaseyleighb

How dare you, mascara. I thought we were friends.

8. The price of the luxury brands

Power dressing on fleek Source: Instagram/kgomotso_mosiane

€48 for a lipstick is disgusting. You could do two rounds in the Boots 3 for 2 with that. What are you doing? Why are you giving the Tom Ford girl your Visa? Stop. STOP.

9. Hearing a new Urban Decay palette is on the way

This #MECCABeautyJunkie was quick to snap up a #NakedSmoky today. Who got one?! RG @randrbeauty1 Source: Instagram/meccamaxima

Do I need it? Ah, it contains a neutral eyeshadow I don’t already own. I need it. *joins 8000-strong waiting list*

10. And this

Que dor no coração quando isto acontece viu!!! #batomquebrado #brokenlipstick #desperdicio #aiquedo #mulherzices Source: Instagram/kathiadmc

That is just rude.

You’re not having 90s flashbacks – the eyebrow slit is in fashion again>

There’s a new sex toy for men, and it’s called ‘The Guybrator’ (NSFW)>

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