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10 things you absolutely must do every time you stay in a hotel

If you stay in a hotel and don’t jump on the bed, have you really stayed there?

HERE THEY ARE – the 10 unwritten commandments of staying in a hotel.

How many do you do?

Have a wee bounce on the bed

giphy Source: Giphy

Just to test it out.

Give out about the price of minibar items

3192900989_d7bbe618a8_b Source: Flickr/digitalshotgun

“Can you BELIEVE it’s €5 for a can of Pringles? Can you?!”

Worry that the cleaning staff will judge you for being messy, but do it anyway

We’re on our HOLIDAYS!

giphy Source: Giphy

Poke about in the drawers

giphy Source: Giphy

Did one of the previous occupants leave something? Ah no, just a Gideon Bible.

Pillage the breakfast buffet

Eating three times as much as you normally would for breakfast, because it’s there.

Bring a stack of croissants back to the room as well, would you?

roflbot (18) Source: Flickr/kankan

Fight with the shower

hotelshower Source: Flickr/mjtmail

It’s not a proper hotel stay unless you spend a good 20 minutes coaxing the temperature of the shower to be something in between scalding and freezing.

Put drinks/snacks on your room bill

giphy Source: Giphy

Even just one drink, solely for the luxury of saying “Put it on the room.”

Watch the hotel channel

MJiQYHt Source: Imgur

It’s sort of hypnotising, in its own way.

Steal everything that isn’t bolted down

Well, not everything.

324603544_02d3c16ae0_b Source: Flickr/johnjoh

But the mini shampoos, shower caps and fancy tea bags are fair game.

Lounge around in a giant bathrobe for as long as you possibly can

bathrobe Source: Barkpost

It’s practically the law.

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