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16 things that will always happen on a post Leaving Cert holiday
Time of our liiiiiives.

THE LEAVING CERT holidays are an Irish institution. Watch out Santa Ponsa, Crete, Magaluf… they’re coming.

Here’s what to expect.

1. Beers at the airport

Or alcopops, of course. Even when you’re going at 6am because it was the cheapest flight.

Mr.Ruffi on Instagram: #chill#madeira#airport#holiday#swag#iphoneonly#instadaily#picoftheday#amazing#instagood#alcohol#plane Instagram Instagram

2. When you’ll arrive you’ll talk about three things

  • How hot it is
  • How cheap the booze is
  • How crap the milk is

Untitled arvindgrover arvindgrover

3. Flags will be put in the windows and from balconies

County colours will also be worn out and every available opportunity.

Ireland flag lousterxpwn lousterxpwn

4. Some odd variation of fast food will be wolfed down on the daily

Local cuisine? Nah. Fake KFC please!

the-best-fast-food-joint Tripadvisor Tripadvisor

5. The most touristy you’ll see is the dark insides of bars on Strip

What more would you even want?

But first let us take a selfie #zante #zante15 #sparklers #tsilivi #planetstudios #greecestagram #drunk #lifeisgood rachael_elizabeth_19 rachael_elizabeth_19

6. Novelty hena tattoos are everywhere

Usually done as a joke after a feed of pints for the #bants.

Take me back? sophieminkinow sophieminkinow

7. The only way anyone will get into the pool is if they’re sleeping on an inflatable

Pool plus hangover. Neh.

#food#pool#tools##ice#donuts#cake#choclate#tumblr#weheartit#like4like#f4f __we_heart_it_tumblr__ __we_heart_it_tumblr__

8. Fishbowls will be consumed on a nightly basis

Bonus points for dozens of sparklers hanging out of them.

Hangover cures #boatparty #fishbowl whilst Jonnys just dived off the top deck karagilmour karagilmour

9. A boat party WILL be attended

Tickets will be bought from some chancer for an extortionate amount of money, but it will be the TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

Volveremos...! #BoatParty diegoomoreno11 diegoomoreno11

10. The beach is an absolute write-off

Unless you’re staying on it, the pool is the only place you can tolerate right now. Pay extra for a bed? G’way.

Let's go to the beach ☀️ downtowngirl22 downtowngirl22

11. Clothes will constantly be everywhere

Everyone has overpacked and all anyone wants to do is wear their swimming togs.

Packing for Tiff's bachelorette! Wearing red white and blue for 4 days. I must wear a lot of these colors cuz only one item is new! #tiffslastsail #overpacked cloejoy cloejoy

12. Lads will constantly point at each other

And so so many photos of the event will be taken.

Doing bits aarrxn__ aarrxn__

13. There’ll be so much shifting

My name? Oh you don’t need to know that, English person.

418 Iwebstreet Iwebstreet

14. People leave paler than they arrive

Or with some very creative tanlines.

Oh dear. #tanlines #idiot sammiingram_ sammiingram_

15. Someone you’ve made friends with will get one of these and scare the beejsus out of everyone

Had a sick holiday in #magaluf got this to show for it. lewismalyon lewismalyon

16. But you’ll always have one of these to take home

The best week ever #magaluf #BCM kirstykjmac kirstykjmac

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