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11 things that made every 90s Irish schoolgirl feel like a queen

Remember when butterfly clips were the height of glamour?

1. Whipping out a copy of Shout/Mizz/Bliss/Kiss to read with your mates in the playground

mizz-img_0002 Source: lovetheplanet.co.uk

2. When your Mam bought you a copy of Sabrina’s Secret

And you got to bring the nail art pen to school and rub it in everyone else’s faces.


3. Writing with a colourdey gel pen

Procured from Toymaster with your pocket money, obvs.

gel Source: Flickr

4. When you got to write on ~*~scented notepaper ~*~

Nothing makes a gal feel more glamorous than getting to write on paper that smells vaguely like strawberries.

CDY1Es-WgAAHfbW Source: From_Fiona/Twitter

5. Owning any sort of Groovy Chick merchandise

Bonus points if you had a Groovy Chick throw pillow in your bedroom, too.


6. Applying scented lip balm in the middle of class and knowing everyone else was mega jealous of your bubblegum-scented lips

tumblr_mszsj2QYKF1r0f8vlo1_500 Source: Hello Giggles

7. Going on holidays and coming back with one of these in your hair

“Yeah, I was in Fuerteventura. No biggy.”


8. Wearing a choker that you got in Claire’s to school

And hiding it under your shirt collar when your teacher gave out to you.

9. Tying back your hair with glittery butterfly clips

As Fergie once sang: “G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.”

61Q1e0ppyjL._SX522_ Source: Amazon

10. Putting some of this on before you headed out into the world


11. Coming back in September with a brand new Roxy schoolbag

The height of chic.

Girls-Schoolbags.ie-Roxy-School-Backpack-ALRIGHTerjbp03112_alrightp_kvj6_frt2 Source: schoolbags.ie

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