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here come the girls

16 things Irish girls will never tell you

Well, until now.


1. We know absolutely everything about you, probably before we’ve properly met you

Irish women should have a degree in internet stalking. Oh you’re a friend of Aoife’s? I know. Oh you’re my best friend’s ex boyfriend’s ex? I know!


2. We don’t mind being referred to as the mot or missus

In fact, a lot of us kinda like it.

3. We most likely know about that thing you’re going to tell us before you do

Intuition, is a gift we all possess. Also, your constant hints and expressions gave it away.


This makes it all the more hard to understand how others can be so oblivious.

4. Penneys is our zen place

Don’t rush a visit to Penneys. Most of us would rather spend two hours in Penneys than five minutes in Brown Thomas.

Penneys Shops Photocall Ireland! Photocall Ireland!

5. We’re never actually intending to be ready when we say we will be

The fact that you can be ready in ten minutes is a sore spot, don’t rush us.

and-then-i-said-ill-be-ready-in-5-minutes Weknowmemes Weknowmemes

6. Every group of us has a bitchy WhatsApp group

Usually full of screenshots and juvenile jokes.

7. We’re not getting ready for you

OK we appreciate the ‘ye look gorgeous’ but tbh we’ll call the shots here.


8. Sometimes we miss our uniform

Very rarely, but it happens. It made mornings so much simpler :(

st-martins-ns-jumper Schooluniformsdirect Schooluniformsdirect

carnew-skirt Schooluniformsdirect Schooluniformsdirect

OK, not for longer than five minutes.

9. We probably don’t wash our bras as much as we should

Sure ’tis the jeans of the underwear family.

Bkj5Aw7CAAE98dO RachelNStephens RachelNStephens

10. We keep, but have absolutely no intention of using those Boots vouchers in our bags

Maybe one day.

null_zps624df581 Photobucket Photobucket

11. Speaking of bags, we don’t actually know most of what’s in there

But we like feeling useful by carrying a literal chemist in there.

IMG_20150414_125503250 BlogSpot BlogSpot

12. We’re not actually sorry about the hair, like at all

Oh, we’ve forgotten to shave all week. Sorry about that…


* Sleeps as soundly as ever*

13. We absolutely cannot relax until our bra is off

And honestly, having to put it back on is a massive dealbreaker when considering unexpected plans.

14. We’ve definitely thought about your second name attached to our first

Hey, we don’t want to get MARRIED. Just like, in case.

cdce24d9a74659144706b2d6fb25a824.750x1000x1 Rapgenius Rapgenius

15. We actually LIKE the smell of fake tan

Controversial, but with this Irish skin, the smell of fake tan signifies a bronze tint incoming.

image daisychains16.blogspot daisychains16.blogspot

16. When we’re cold, we want your pity

As we are cold 99 percent of the time.


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