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11 things that today's Leaving Cert students have no memories of

We feel old.

NEXT JUNE, THOUSANDS of Irish teenagers will sit the Leaving Cert.

On average, these students will be 18 years old, which means that many were born in 1997/1998. 

Meaning they have no memory of…

1. Fancying the pants off Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic

giphy (23) Source: peculiargroove/Tumblr

In fact, teens today have no recollection of Leonardo DiCaprio ever being a heartthrob.

They probably just think, “Oh, he’s that man from the meme!”


2. Coming home from school and watching Dara O’Briain on Echo Island

Yes, teens, that grainy man on the telly there is none other than Dara O’Briain.


Many an Irish person watched Echo Island while eating jam sandwiches after school.


3. Watching MTV for an actual age in the hope that MTV would play the video to Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

The Halloween anthem turns 20 in 2016.


giphy (24) Source: Giphy

4. Marvelling at Dolly The Sheep and figuring that everything/everyone would be cloned by the time you were an adult

dolly Source: BBC

5. A time when there were only two channels on TV

TV3 and TG4 weren’t always around, you know.

00003405 Source: Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland

6. Roaring laughing when this guy opened his mouth

“Kate, it’s me, the guy from the bar.”

*howls with laughter*

guyad Source: meadowsirl/YouTube

7. Or shouting “Wazzup!!!!” at your mates and thinking you were a right gas ticket


wazzup Source: YouTube

8. A time when Gay Byrne wasn’t just someone who antagonised celebrities about religion

Yes, Gay Byrne retired from The Late Late Show in 1999, meaning that a lot of today’s teens probably know him better as “that guy who hosts a show about religion after Love/Hate”.

gya Source: RTÉ/YouTube

It’s okay, Gay — you’ll always be Uncle Gaybo to us.

9. A time when Ireland used to kill it at the Eurovision

Today’s Leaving Cert students probably don’t know who Eimear Quinn even is.

‘Tis a disgrace, Joe.

voice Source: YouTube

10. Strongly identifying with different members of Spice Girls

“I’m Sporty Spice.” “Yeah, well, I’m Baby Spice.”

Today’s teens missed out, tbh.

giphy (25)

11. That brief period when Westlife were called “Westside”

Never forget.

CCOEQDoUwAAArB2 Source: Sara McFadden/Twitter

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