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12 actual things gals have cried at while on their period

“It’s just emotion taking me over…”

1. This poignant scene from Shaun The Sheep

shaun2 Source: Shaun The Sheep/YouTube

2. Athletics.

athletcics Source: YouTube

3. Dropping a sandwich.

sandwich Source: Flickr

4. Cuddling.

cuddling2 Source: Flickr

5. Not being able to find your phone in a bag.

phonebag Source: Flickr

6. Watching cakes fall apart on Great British Bake Off

gbbo Source: BBC

7. Not being able to find a sock

sock Source: Flickr

8. The television programme Criminal Minds

criminal-minds Source: Cliff Lipson

9. The sight of an old man doing just about anything

ice cream Source: Flickr

10. The thought of dogs feeling lonely

dog2 Source: Flickr

11. The realisation that people have unfollowed you

twitter2 Source: Flickr

12. And, of course, toothpaste ads.

toothpaste2 Source: Flickr

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