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13 things that would absolutely never work in Ireland

So many gees.

IF YOU’RE IRISH, you’ll be hard pressed to make it through this post without proving you’re so so immature.

1. This butter would never work here

PastedImage-81085 Source: deadlydarcy

2. Do NOT bring this attraction to Ireland, ever

3. This online buy and sell in Australia would never work

PastedImage-45433 Source: ShiftMe.co.nz

4. This car share company

PastedImage-33415 Source: John Ralph via Sarah Breen

5. This apple juice

6. Calling a beer jug this

7. This pharmacy

PastedImage-83434 Source: Allthingsgreenwhich.co.uk

8. Or this shopping section

PastedImage-75553 Source: JaneyHurley

9. This brochure

PastedImage-62060 Source: Weitkamp

10. In fact, just avoid Disneyland all together

PastedImage-17896 Source: Buzzfeed

11. These blouses

12. We’d never go here

PastedImage-6594 Source: yelp.ie

13. Don’t bring this franchise into the country

PastedImage-68488 Source: zagat.com

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