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15 things that will always happen on an Irish country holiday

Ah, the short, cold, Irish summer.

AH, YOU GOTTA love the summer holidays. Especially if you’re staying in a caravan an hour away from your house.

1. Someone will get sick in the car

You’re only going about two hours away but someone will need a sick bag in between bouts of I Spy and stopping for 99s.

square_upright_angle_500 Source: Extrapackaging

2. Your accommodation will be a caravan, holiday home, or a massive tent

Will all seven of you fit? Why yes, sure the dining table turns into a bed.

11318c7f-f4a5-4b56-b687-0569dc60275e Source: Clogga

3. The hostile local kids will create somewhat of a rivalry

With you lot, AND the kids across in the posh camping site. Who do they actually think they are?

war_of_the_buttons_review Source: Ioncinema

4. There’s always a dog you’re afraid of

Jesus CHRIST whyweren’t there more fences around to keep them off you?

Ballina-Lakeside-CP Source: Pet-friendlyaccommodation

5. Nobody ever wins anything on the amusements

Even as a child, you weren’t immune to that empty feeling you got from putting your prized 20p into the slot and getting no return.


6. You’ll always swim in the bleak sea nearby, even in the rain

It DOES smell vaguely of wee and seaweed, but it’s the only chance you’ll get for a dip. You’ll be finding sand for days, and someone will always get stung by a jellyfish while out boogieboarding–but it’s so worth it.

90155411 Source: Mark Stedman

7. Jars will be emptied to catch pinkeens

Only the fancy kids had the special nets.

IMG_2501 Source: BlogSpot

8. There will be deck chairs constantly blocking the boot

Permanently folded and always in the boot because you never got the weather to stop.

90155408 Source: Mark Stedman

9. Dozens of sandy sandwiches WILL be consumed

Will you stop MOVING the sand is going everywhere.

Sandwich Production Source: Cal Sr

10. You’ll have to run away from seagulls and bees with ice cream and candy floss


candy-floss-machine-hire-liverpool-219 Source: Melauspartners

11. Pedalos will be rented and no one will know what they expected

So you can go on a dozen trips around the tiny lake until you get exhausted enough to be able to sleep in that sleeping bag.

Leamington pedalo Source: eilidh_wag

12. The grimmest of boardgamesare always the go-to entertainment

When it was too wet for the beach you’d stay in and play whatever boardgames you could find in the caravan. Or else just a classic game of Snap!


13. Someone won’t be able to resist the wet slides and swings and will come back soaked and covered in mud

Well, they’re NOT coming into the caravan like that.

Wet Shiny Slide Source: mikecogh

14. The rubbish local ‘shop’ will be your constant source of sugar

Let’s be real, it’s a hut. Now, what to get on the sly today…

stinger_chew_bar_34 Source: Chocolatebuttons

flying_saucers__79344_zoom Source: Treasureislandsweets

15. You’ll promise to stay in touch with your new mates when you go home

But you never did. Until next year, lads.

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