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10 things all expert TK Maxx shoppers know to be true

All hail TK Maxx.

1. Firstly, you acknowledge the existence of TK Maxx’s Law:

TK Maxx’s law goes like this: if you go into TK Maxx looking for something, you will find nothing. If you go in for an innocent look around, you will leave with €78 worth of goods.

That’s just the way it is.


2. And you know that there’s no thrill quite like seeing the RRP next to TK Maxx’s price

Sure I’m practically making money!

CR8SvIUWEAA6tKS Source: Jennifer McD/Twitter

3. While some shoppers balk at the disorganised chaos that is TK Maxx, you live for it

There’s nothing you love more than a good root through the rails. What can you say? You like to earn your bargains.

Cw_pkzuWIAEAyPc Source: Buttermark Ipswich/Twitter

4. There have been times where you’ve seriously considered buying a “designer” product just because it’s designer

A Marc Jacobs iPad case! I mean, I don’t technically own an iPad, but it’s Marc Jacobs…

M0010330_002_MAIN Source: Marc Jacobs

5. You know that their book section is ~unrivalled~ when it comes to sheer randomness

In TK Maxx, you’re liable to find everything from a book detailing the history of steam trains to a book replacing Downton Abbey characters with cats.


6. And their beauty section is your happy place

Sure, the boxes might occasionally be a bit tattered, but BARGAINS.

7. Meanwhile, their stationery section is always on hand to tempt you


8. You feel well within your rights to just tear boxes open to have a peak

How many times have you been in TK Maxx and seen a pack of boxers/socks lying around that have been unceremoniously ripped open?

That’s just the TK Maxx way.


9. Queuing at the till is an exercise in self-restraint

As all TK Maxx devotees know, they deliberately place items like tea, biscuits, fancy hot chocolate, face masks and, er, dog pizzas by the till.

And it’s all you can do to resist buying them.

10. TK Maxx: the home of completely random shite you never knew you wanted

I *need* this compact lie detector.

"Y'know....for kids!" #christmasgift #christmasshopping #tkmaxx #wtf

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Never change, TK Maxx.


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