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8 little things all Irish people must do before the sun disappears

It’s running out… for now.

IT’S NOT GONNA be around much longer, sorry to say. The sunny spell is due to come to an end tomorrow.

But don’t panic, you can still make the most of it today with our sunny bucket list.

1. Pull a sickie

Work? On a day like this? As if.

unnamed Source: Deirdre Costello

2. Wear shorts

Let the sun at those legs, Lord knows they need it. Just keep a jumper and five layers on top for warmth.

The whitest legs I know Source: justgrimes

3. Get a 99

A absolute must. They just taste so much better in the sun.

You scream, I scream Source: Iain Farrell

4. Have lunch outside

Food outside > food inside at your desk.

Summer Day Source: Maura McDonnell

5. Drive with the roof down

Got a convertible? You just don’t get enough use out of it you smug git. Actually, just go home.

1991 Toyota Celica 4WS ST183 convertible Source: Spanish Coches

6. Take a dip in the nearest body of water

See a bit of water? Dunk yourself into it.

Belfast 2009 Source: Charlie Dave

7. Chat about it

6229818557_9c0cedd033_b-630x420 Source: brenneman

Constantly. Some stock phrases for you:

Lovely weather we’re having.
Great drying.
Hope it lasts to the weekend.
It’ll never last.

8. Go for a pint al fresco after work

Not sure where to go? We’ve got you covered.

10173678_739965842712226_6319049888275164313_n Source: thebargeinn

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