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8 simple yet delicious things you can do with peanut butter
AKA the food of the gods.

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AS ANYONE WHO has ever spent an evening eating peanut butter straight from the jar will attest, peanut butter is truly the food of the gods.

Not only is it delicious all on its own, it’s an excellent sandwich filler. It’s also one of the rare foods that successfully straddles the line between being sweet and savoury.

But did you know it’s also incredibly versatile?

1. Apples and peanut butter = best friends

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Apples were made for dipping and peanut butter was made to be dipped. It’s a match made in heaven.

Recipe here.

2. Peanut butter and banana toasties

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Recipe here.

3. Peanut butter porridge

For when you can’t face plain porridge again…

Recipe here.

4. Popcorn lathered in peanut butter

Recipe here.

5. Peanut butter noodles

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Recipe here.

6. This sticky and delicious-looking peanut butter and Cheerios concoction

Recipe here.

7. Upgrade your regular Oreo to this

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You can basically do whatever you like with peanut butter and Oreos, and it’s guaranteed to be heavenly.

This seems particularly genius/handy for those who aren’t inclined to cook.

8. And for those with a savoury tooth…

Peanut butter, salt and vinegar crisps, and gherkin sandwich.

You’re welcome.

Recipe here.

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