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14 things we need to see in supermarkets right this minute

A whole new world.

THE WEEKLY SHOP is a bit of a task.

We need these things.

1. An inspirational boost when it’s needed the most (in the veg aisle)

j2hYCkH Source: Imgur

2. The close and perfect placement of the essential products

TmAox Source: Imgur

3. Someone to spice things up in the herb aisle


4. A sign that will bring home the 15 ITEM LIMIT to the constant chancers

Psst, it’s not real, but it should be.

OqnVc Source: Cracked.com

5. This glorious buffet of cereals and nuts

c5O6Fc6 Source: Imgur

6. A soft drink display in the shape of our favourite video game characters

GRJJRNI Source: Imgur

7. A safe haven to try out toilet roll varieties before we purchase

K0cFDSG Source: Imgur

8. Meat that’s so ‘down with the kids’

kNoEJAE Source: Imgur

9. Make shopping for special occasions as painless as possible

vidZLcN Source: Imgur

10. The option to purchase those little things that are so hard to find

W8xfkkb Source: Imgur

11. Honesty when it comes to money saving illusions

n21FPFv Source: Imgur

12. A phone holder and aisle map built into the trollies

vp5Shvo Source: Imgur

13. More references to the Bill Cosby show

P6Aa0 Source: Imgur

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