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wax on wax off

11 things women need men to understand about waxing


1. Growing out your leg hair/eyebrows before a wax is a necessary evil and also a fairly grim processs


2. Seriously, it takes real resilience not to just pull out a razor.

*removes every razor from the house and sits on hands until leg hair is sufficiently grown out*

3. Trying to wax your own legs is, shall we say, an ordeal.

Every so often, you get brave enough to wax your own legs and something almost always goes wrong. Either you don’t have enough leg hair or the wax is not warm enough or you just chicken out halfway through.

You’re not a beautician. You don’t have a waxing certificate or whatever. Why, for the love of God, did you think this would be a good idea?

4. Seriously, pulling that strip requires serious courage


5. And that’s to say nothing of the hassle of trying to warm wax strips

Coming up with inventive ways to warm wax strips = time you’ll never get back.

; (

6. But that’s nothing compared to the stress of mentally preparing yourself for a bikini wax


7. The appointment itself is just one giant rollercoaster of awkward

Awkward Animated GIF Giphy Giphy

So many thoughts racing through your head.

When did I last shower? Is everything okay down there? Is this going to hurt like hell? Why on earth do I put myself through this?

8. Seriously, have you ever tried to make small talk with a stranger as she waxes your, ahem, lady garden?

Bikini Animated GIF Giphy Giphy

Chatting about your holidays in Ibiza and pretending everything is grand as a stranger literally tortures your vagina is an art.

9. And have you ever gotten wax stuck on your leg?

Tip: don’t unless you love and crave pain and discomfort.

10. And that’s to say nothing of the giant risk you take every time you get your eyebrows waxed

One bad wax and you could end up looking like this…


11. In short, we deserve a medal of some sort.

Because we are heroes.

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